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Sage Femme Salem

About Jennifer


My name is Jennifer Lynn Frye and I am a Holistic Full Spectrum Doula, Apprenticing Midwife, Placenta Encapsulation Specialist, and Reproductive Justice Activist located in Salem, Massachussetts.

My goal is to provide you with the tools to self-advocate during pregnancy and labor, assist you in making empowered decisions based on reliable, evidence-based facts, ensure your choices and experiences are honored, and help validate your choices and pregnancy outcome, on your terms, in both hospital and home settings. 


Drawing on almost 2 decades of experience in care giving and activism, I'm excited to bring my passion for life, birth, and advocacy to the birth community.

I grew up in Salt Lake City, Utah, however my family is native to the Southern Adirondack region of New York State. I returned to New York in the mid 90's and graduated from the Practical Nursing Program at SUNY Albany/SAEC in 1996. Since then, I have worked primarily in Pediatric & Adolescent medicine, as well as wilderness therapy for at risk teenagers in the southwestern United States.

In 2011, my partner Aaron & I returned to the northeast. Anxious to explore my options and expand my career, I began researching birth work and herbal medicine. A proponent of natural healing, trust in the human body, & a desire to continue advocating for human rights, I found myself enthusiastically diving into this new world, ultimately training as a labor doula through ToLabor. Meeting so many strong, amazing women, hearing their stories, and getting to witness the humbling experience that is birth has only strengthened my devotion to the birth community.  Through birth work, I also became involved in the postpartum support practice of Placenta Encapsulation and pursued formal training through Full Circle Placenta Encapsulation in 2014.  As of Spring 2018, I am proud to share that I have encapsulated over 200 placentas and counting! 

I have a quiet, simple approach & philosophy that women and families know best. My goal is to assure your birth or postpartum experience will be a positive, empowering, and memorable one. I am willing to be as hands on & involved as needed or simply a silent, grounding presence.

While balancing both encapsulation services and birth clients, currently I am a student midwife in active apprenticeship, attending homebirths in the greater Boston region under the supervision of CPM Kim Bradlee. I completed my didactic training through WomanCraft in 2017 and will ultimately pursue national certification & registration with NARM.  In the past, I have shared my services as a volunteer doula with the ARHS/SJPHC Volunteer Doula Program at Brigham & Women's Hospital in Boston, MA.

In my down time you can find me traveling and long distance backpacking with my husband,  Aaron and our dog,  Bingsley, and loving being a mom to our son, Scout, who was born at home in October 2014!