"Jennifer was everything we hoped for in a doula - incredibly  well educated, informative, kind, and supportive. She provided a much needed sense of calm and confidence for both me and my husband during my long arduous labor." -Jesse P, Boston

"I chose Jennifer to encapsulate my placenta primarily because she offers "raw" dehydrated pills. Since that decision, I have consulted her on numerous post partum questions and concerns and found her to be responsive, open minded, kind, and sensitive to my situation. Jennifer always provides helpful answers and her support of me went above and beyond just creating placenta pills- she has become a friend and trusted resource.” -Liz E, Swampscott


Jennifer was my doula for the birth of my first child in January 2014. Although it was 11 months ago, I still remember giving birth like it was yesterday. Like so many others, I was skeptical about using a doula. I debated whether I would really need additional support and what this person could really do for me. Hiring Jennifer was one of the best decisions I made for my birthing experience. Working with her before the birth gave me so much confidence in preparation for the birth. I got such a calming vibe each time that I met with Jennifer. She was so knowledgeable and spoke with such certainty. I really liked that the information that she provided was evidenced based.

Jennifer was so supportive to me and my husband during the 26 hours of laboring in the hospital and pushing of an 8lb 5oz baby that was trying to climb back into me. My labor stalled whenever I was sitting or resting, so I walked and I walked and I walked. She was right there with me the entire time. When my labor got really tough and I was getting pressure from the hospital staff to make some decisions, Jennifer stepped in. She had them back off and helped me think things through. She made sure that I was always comfortable with my decisions. She was my advocate and helped me to communicate with the hospital staff, which is exactly what I wanted and needed. My husband was equally as grateful for Jennifer’s presence. It took the edge off for him because he knew that I was always supported.

I also used Jennifer for placenta encapsulation. She got my pills to me within 2 days. I highly recommend Jennifer for both services. Even though my labor was tough, I had a positive experience and was left with a positive memory – I know that this was attributed to Jennifer’s role and presence." -Sabrina T, Boston

"Jennifer was a joy to work with! Signing up for placenta encapsulation services was quick and easy with her online forms. Every time I called, texted, or e-mailed her, she replied promptly, professionally, and with thorough information. She is pleasant, reliable, and very sweet. 
She seems to know her business well, and always has a supportive or encouraging thing to say (without it sounding sappy, trite, or rehearsed). I also loved that she took photos of the placenta! I would definitely work with her again, and I recommend her highly!"
-Erica Z, Boston

“Jennifer encapsulated my placenta in February 2016. This was my first pregnancy and I was wary about choosing an encapsulator, but Jennifer's incredibly informative and professional demeanor immediately made me feel I had made the right choice. She was readily available via email and phone for my many questions, all of which were quickly and thoughtfully answered. I knew I could turn to her when an unexpected medical issue came up late in my pregnancy, and without hesitation she provided much-needed support and resources. Jennifer picked up my placenta at the Birth Center around 6:00am--amazing--and delivered the capsules to me at home two days later. Jennifer dutifully checked in several times via text to see how the capsules were going and checked on ME. At a time when everyone's attention (including mine) was on the sweet new baby, it was comforting to have someone making sure my recovery was going well. She even offered to help with errands! A true kindness I will never forget. She remains a resource to me through many a breastfeeding woe, giving sound and evidence-based advice that has afforded me a continued positive breastfeeding experience. Jennifer is a priceless resource for women who are pregnant, birthing, and postpartum. Her passion and expertise are highlighted by her willingness to work far beyond expectations. I only wish I had utilized her services more!.” --Arielle D, Marblehead

"Jennifer was the doula for the birth of our son this February '15. As firsttime parents,we were nervous going into the whole experience, and since I wanted an unmedicated childbirth but was unable to homebirth, it seemed a doula was our best bet to gain an advocate for our choices in the hospital. I found Jennifer on doulamatch and was immediately impressed by her website and background. Upon our initial meeting it was clear that we had stumbled upon a perfect match. We met with her several times throughout the pregnancy, even as she was busy having her own little one. Her support immediately proved indispensable.I felt comfortable contacting her via text/email about anything, and had many ?'s that fell between "google it" and "ask your OB" that Jennifer answered or led me to more info.She provided us with tons of literature and resources, and my partner and I went from being overwhelmed and in over our heads to an informed, confident couple excited to meet our new baby.We're working class creative folks and friends and family were surprised we'd gone in on this 'unnecessary expense', but without a doubt Jennifer's very reasonable fee was one of the best investments we made throughout the pregnancy. My partner and I agree that if we could do it all over again, we'd skip the childbirth classes we paid for and send it Jen's way.In the end, despite a blizzard and 60 hrs of labor, Jenn managed to attend our birth during the most strenuous period of labor and support myself and my SO through this exhausting journey. I really don't know that I could have labored naturally as long as I did without the combined support of her and my SO, and she helped me make a very wise decision at a transitional time that allowed us to have a healthy, vaginal and largely unmedicated birth.She's since given us briliant postpartum support and gone above and beyond in pretty much every way. I can't recommend her enough as a doula and am positive she'll be a fantastic midwife in the future." -Cai V, Boston

"Jennifer was the Doula for my wife and I in November 2013. We planned a natural birth and discussed this with Jennifer in our meeting prior to labour. During these meetings we were impressed with her nursing experience and knowledge of childbirth. My wife laboured for three days and we all only got a few hours sleep, but Jennifer stayed alert and was on top of everything. She also acted as liaison between us and the hospital staff, and we worked as a team to make the proper decisions to assure that we had a healthy mother and baby.

I can honestly say that without Jennifer's assistance the birth would have been much more difficult, and I fear that the hospital would have successfully pushed us into making choices that would have jeopardised my wife and baby’s health. Jennifer was an amazing advocate, and in the end I owe the fact that we have a healthy and happy baby to her diligence and knowledge. I cannot say enough good things about Jennifer Frye and our birth experience with her, and I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a doula." -Mark C, Newburyport

"I can’t put into words how much I love my placenta capsules. No mood swings, barely any bleeding, my milk came in fast I was able to pump out over an ounce three days after having her. My energy levels were amazing. I can’t stress enough how important it is to have your placenta encapsulated. It’s the best thing you can do for yourself and your baby. Jennifer made me a print of my placenta, which came out amazing, and she also dried the remaining umbilical cord in the shape of a heart. That is my most favorite keepsake of all. Jennifer is an amazing doula always there to answer any questions I had. She is so knowledgeable and passionate about birth. She made me feel so comfortable since the first time we met, like an old friend!" -Kristen G, Salem

"Jennifer was my doula for the birth of my son last September 2013. I cannot say enough great things about her. I had previously been skeptical about using a doula, mainly not believing it was worth the expense and not believing I could afford one anyway. My first son was born three years ago via csection after an extremely difficult labor with just my husband to support me. This time around I decided I wanted to try for a vbac. Hiring Jennifer was one of the best decisions I've ever made. She did everything she could to keep me on track toward my goal. First of all she encouraged me to believe that a vbac was even possible! Once labor started she was a calm and reassuring presence, communicating via phone and text about my contractions. Once at the hospital, she supported and encouraged me to keep laboring without any interventions. She advocated for what I wanted according to my birth plan and helped me to communicate with hospital staff. She was also a great support and company to my husband during the long and sometimes tedious hours of labor. She was right there for every moment and every contraction, with natural methods of coping with pain and anxiety. When it came time to push she was a tremendous source of encouragement and support, both physically and emotionally. She has such a positive personality, yet is laid back in a way that I never felt any pressure to follow any agenda except my own. Happy end of story: I had my successful vbac! Even afterwards she came for visits, brought food (!), herbs for my sitz bath, and listened while I complained about aches and pains and lack of sleep. This long winded story is to tell you that she is great! You will be so glad you hired her." -Joy J, Boston